[Tao’s] program…conveyed the scope of his probing intellect and openhearted vision.
The New York Times

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New York Philharmonic to perform Conrad Tao’s World Premiere Commission in September 2018

On September 27 & 28, 2018, the New York Philharmonic will perform a World Premiere Commission piece by Conrad Tao. Read more for concert information.

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Conrad Tao named a Recipient of 2018 Lincoln Center Awards for Emerging Artists

Conrad Tao chosen as one of the 2018 Lincoln Center Emerging Artists who will be recognized in a ceremony on March 1, 2018. Read more for the full announcement.

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Conrad’s Crypt Sessions performance named one of the New York Times’ Best Classical Music Performances of 2017

Conrad Tao included in the New York Times’ list of the Best Classical Music Performances of 2017 for his “American Rage” program as part of the Crypt Sessions series. Read more for the article link.

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“AN EXPLOSIVE FORCE… Tao possesses startling technical elan and an ability to communicate clearly, no matter how thorny a score may become. He also has a hefty dash of charm.”

Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun


Premiere of Commission for Solo Violin, with Paul Huang


John Adams: Piano Concerto “Century Rolls”
Conrad Tao: Works for Piano



Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova



“Tao…[is] a musician of deep intellectual and emotional means.”

Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR


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