Crowd rhapsodic over teen’s Rach

  • The Salt Lake Tribune

“Sixteen-year-old American pianist Conrad Tao won several hundred Utah fans Friday night with his energetic performance of Rachmaninoff’s beloved “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.” In fact, Tao’s dazzling finger work got an even noisier ovation from the Abravanel Hall crowd than superstar Hilary Hahn did with her splendid Tchaikovsky a couple of weeks ago.”


Spaced-Out Mussorgsky

  • San Francisco Classical Voice

“Next came the musical highlight of the concert: pianist Conrad Tao’s dazzling rendition of Maurice Ravel’s Concerto in G Major. If NASA had a tenth of his talent, they’d be farming strawberries on Titan by now.”

“The first movement was full of thrills: laser-sharp articulation and accuracy, powerful glissandos (does Tao have bionic, metallic hands?), and, what’s more, heartfelt expression.”


Rumors are true about Conrad Tao

  • San Francisco Chronicle

“Tao’s skills as a keyboard artist would be impressive enough just on their own, and his musicianship only grew more striking as the afternoon went on. His technique seems to have no fault or flaw … he employs that dexterity in the service of a deep and evocative interpretive sensibility.”

“But to witness a young artist take the stage not just as a performer, but as a composer too – that was a whole different level of astonishment. As part of his recital program, Tao gave the U.S. premiere of his “Fantasy-Sonata,” a 16-minute piano extravaganza that seemed tailor-made for his brand of explosive virtuosity.”


The Tao of Early Musical Success

  • The Wall Street Journal

“In Mozart’s dark-hued Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, Mr. Tao showed appealing freshness in his use of telling, expressive details that distinguish one interpretation from the next — a slight decrescendo here, a change of tonal color there, a heartfelt response to the piece… And his onstage demeanor was refreshingly free of willful tempo changes, distracting theatrical gestures and other prodigy personality excesses.”


Wunderkind Conrad Tao, Ponti and Russian National Orchestra combine for spectacular musical magic at Festival del Sole

  • Napa Valley Register

“Conrad Tao. Remember that name.

An awestruck audience at Monday night’s Festival del Sole concert in Yountville’s Lincoln Theater certainly will.

Substituting for ailing Italian pianist Fabio Bidini, Tao — native of Urbana, Ill., who recently celebrated his 13th birthday — delivered a mouth-dropping performance of Serge Prokofiev’s “Piano Concerto No. 3 in C” that festivalgoers will be talking about for years to come.”

“His command of one of the classical repertoire’s most difficult works was simply amazing.”